EnviroPAK’s technology allows us to mold a variety of shapes and sizes; we are typically only limited to the imagination of our customers. When considering how your packaging should look, we typically design shapes that resemble clamshells, end-caps, trays, as well as free formed shapes. Let our engineers determine what style is best suited for your application.

Molded Objects

Let your imagination run wild. We have molded disposable scoops, paper mask, specialized drink or cup carriers, parts used as part of an assembly for industrial products, and much more.


Molded pulp trays are perfect for products ranging from faucets to delicate medical devices. A compact design that is created to precisely fit your products can be used to organize much more than you ever expected could fit inside one package. Eliminate assembly of a complicated die-cut corrugated tray with a molded pulp solution.

End Caps

Molded pulp end caps can reduce or even eliminate damage on shipped products. The design protects the delicate edges and regularly outperforms EPS (foam) for electronic equipment, print cartridges and glass products.


Molded pulp clamshells provide a sturdy covering that encapsulates products such as bottles and medical components eliminating the need for extra assembly using lids and tape. The material is resilient enough to incorporate a hinge and a locking tab as needed.