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  1. Circular Designs

    A base principle of eco-design when designing new is to consider its life cycle from the beginning of the project, in addition to traditional criteria such as ergonomics, safety. performance, aesthetics and costs.

    EnviroPAK’s in-house design team will develop a molded pulp packaging solution to protect and organize your product.


  2. Paper Recovery and Recycling

    According to the most recent government data available, paper and paper packaging is recycled more than any other material in the U.S. solid waste stream, including plastics (8.7%), glass (25%) and metals (34.1%).

    At EnviroPAK, we produce environmentally friendly packaging meeting global standards and the expectations of environmentally sensitive consumers.


  3. Green our packaging

    Velux is committed to doing their part to achieve a more sustainable future by putting the planet and nature at the heart of our product decisions. Packaging is an important component of their products and must therefore also be as environmentally friendly as possible.


  4. Single-use plastics are Public Enemy #1

    The full results of all the new California provisions won’t be known immediately, but will be an important test of various techniques aimed at reducing plastic waste.

    Let EnviroPAK show you how to reduce your plastic packaging!