Exponential Increase in the Technology Could Reach $4.8 Billion

3D printing will have an effect on nearly every industry in the next ten years. As the technology continues to evolve and improve, many sectors of the economy will see the positive impact that 3D printing offers. We will likely get to a point where it will be hard to remember a time when 3D printing was not used in a variety of processes, much like how we all feel with the internet today. One particular industry that the technology is sure to have a major impact on is manufacturing. Applications include everything from replacement parts to healthcare devices/prosthetic models, small-batch production in retail, and even food.

According to data from CCS Insights, approximately 158,000 3D printers were sold in the global market in 2014. This number is expected to grow to 845,000 by 2018. This growth could mean moving from $1.6 billion in revenue to $4.8 billion. Nearly 49 percent of global revenue will come from North America, and 3D printers will become commonplace.

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