Join the PAK!

EnviroPAK® wants you for who you are as well as what you can achieve. We hire friendly, motivated, smart thinking people who want to stand out, not blend in. Our team is a diverse group – all striving toward making a positive difference to help manufacture the best custom packaging available.

Our culture is about doing good.

EnviroPAK® is a culture of positives. It’s evident in our custom packaging made from 100% biodegradable molded fiber. You see it in our manufacturing efficiencies to save energy. And we’re all about doing good when it comes to caring and supporting our family of employees. These are positive values we think you’ll value.

The positives of working at EnviroPAK:
Core Values
We work together.

EnviroPAK® is a fast-paced manufacturing environment. But it’s also a place where everyone is focused on the common goals of doing good for clients, the environment, and each other. If these are the work ethics that you live by, you’ll be a perfect fit for our PAK.

You have a job. You also have a life.

When you get hired here you don’t give up your life at the same time. Many of our positions offer four day work weeks with Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. We also believe holidays are for spending time at home with family. EnviroPAK® makes sure you get to do just that.

Everybody belongs.

We’re a culture of doing good. We’re a diverse group. We’re a team. EnviroPAK® believes in inclusive hiring as much as equal pay for everybody. Every employee matters to ensure we manufacture the best custom packaging for our clients. That’s why you belong here.

Valuing financial benefits as much as job satisfaction.

Competitive salary, performance bonuses, matching 401(k), health insurance and paid time off are a few of the many perks EnviroPAK® offers. We’re also big believers of promotion from within. With so many ways to grow, when we hire you it could be your last first day.

We hire based on experience, and potential.

You may have a ton of manufacturing experience for a position, or maybe not that much. We hire both types of employees. When you start a job here our job is to ensure you succeed. Along the way will be opportunities for performance-based advancement.

Referral bonuses. Another bonus about working here.

If you ever know of someone who you think would be a good fit our company, send them our way. If we hire them, the referring employee and new employee both benefit with a referral bonus of up to $300 cash each. It’s just another reason to join the PAK.

From the PAK

“They support my work life and family life. It’s the right balance and why I enjoy being part of this team.”
Gene, Maintenance Technician

“It started with a paycheck that grew into something with greater value: Personal and professional growth.”
Ana, Production Line Associate

“What EnviroPAK® offered was the opportunity to turn a job into a 27 year career.”
Luis, Production Line Supervisor