Team, Facility, Location
What goes into our packing is a lot more than your product.

From nationally recognized packaging engineers and our valued distributor network to a centrally located facility in the U.S. equipped with the most modern capabilities in manufacturing, EnviroPAK® is built to produce custom packaging success.


What goes into our packaging is your product, and smart thinking.

There’s a positive shift going on in today’s environmentally friendly world. It centers on sustainable product packaging. This journey of doing good is one EnviroPAK® been on since we produced our first custom molded fiber packaging back in 1995.

Today, we continue to head in a positive direction as our engineers, designers and skilled manufacturing team create the most innovative and cost effective sustainable packaging solutions available. It’s more than just smart thinking. Our positive attitude toward any packaging challenge has created desired packaging, cost, and sustainability outcomes that leading brands have benefited from for almost three decades.

87,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space is a big benefit.

Operating out of a modern facility with a total of 87,000 sq. feet, EnviroPAK® has the production capacity to meet your needs. We have not one, but multiple molding lines and redundant manufacturing facilities. What this means for your company is that we’re fully capable of producing a range of volumes from hundreds of thousands to millions of parts.

EnviroPAK® operates on lean manufacturing principles to eliminate waste, maximize production times, and increase your profitability. Another advantage is that our manufacturing capabilities are enhanced by the fastest and most technologically advanced molded fiber machines in the industry. See for yourself by visiting our facility.

EnviroPAK® is located in the middle of America, St. Louis, Missouri.

When you start in the middle, the trip is a lot shorter. Our central U.S. location in St. Louis, Missouri makes shipping more economical and quicker to all points within the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Being centrally located is ideal for our clients in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Indiana.

Additionally, St. Louis is a national transportation hub. The EnviroPAK® offices, manufacturing facility and warehouse is literally at the intersection of five major interstate highways and six Class I railroads. We’re also situated near to two major river transportation systems and two international airports.