Engineered for good.

The positive benefits of molded fiber.

Everything EnviroPAK® engineers is for the good of your company, and the environment. Our custom packaging safeguards even the most fragile products with environmentally friendly molded fiber. Not only does this provide you with sustainable profit, but it helps sustain our planet. And that’s positive for your brand image.
Molded Fiber Benefits
Turn to molded fiber. It’s a positive change.

Protection, cost savings, storage efficiency, no required folding, and sustainability are just some of the many positive reasons why molded fiber is an ideal packaging solution.

Our Capabilities
What do we do best? Everything.

From custom packaging design and engineering to robust manufacturing capabilities, EnviroPAK® can always meet your exact specification requirements and exact quantities.

Molded Fiber vs. Alternatives
Compare the benefits of molded fiber against the alternatives.

When you compare molded fiber to materials such as plastic and polystyrene (EPS/HIPS), there is no comparison. It’s better for your employees, the environment, your brand, and your bottom line.