Our Purpose
EnviroPAK®: Environmentally friendly packaging is in our name.

Our company history at EnviroPAK® began just as the momentum for sustainable custom packaging started. Today, we’re setting the pace with where environmentally friendly packaging is heading. We are constantly evolving our innovative custom packing solutions using molded fiber.

Our Purpose:

Offer the most innovative and cost effective sustainable packaging solutions.

There’s a positive shift going on in today’s environmentally friendly world. It centers on sustainable product packaging. This journey of doing good is something we’ve been on since we produced our first custom molded fiber packaging back in 1995. Today, we continue to head in the right direction by offering the most innovative and cost-effective sustainable packaging solutions available. It’s a positive mindset and the direction consumer brands are heading.

Align with your sustainability initiatives.

Molded fiber packaging offers unique custom advantages and endless design possibilities for superior product protection and cost savings. It’s also a 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable material that aligns with the sustainability mission your customers’ require. This is where the future of material packaging is heading. And EnviroPAK® is already there.

Eliminate plastic waste with all packaging.

Companies once embracing plastic, resin, polystyrene (EPS/HIPS), and corrugated materials are now turning to molded fiber custom packaging. What would the world be without plastics? A lot better in our opinion since it’s a more positive solution for the environment.

Meet demand for sustainable packaging.

Increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions is due in part to growing awareness regarding plastic waste and its adverse effects on the environment. Add to this the fact that stringent regulations against single-use plastics and the waste it causes is driving demand for the molded fiber packaging.

“The Global Molded Fiber Packaging Market Size was estimated at USD 4,787 million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 6,525 million by 2028.”

Markets & Markets, 2023

Meet consumer demand for ‘greener’ purchasing.

As environmental concerns increase with consumers, brands are rethinking how their products are manufactured, distributed, and packaged for a more positive environmental impact. Putting their sustainability initiatives front and center as a point-of-difference is how they are building awareness and consumer loyalty.

“Over a third of all consumers will pay more for sustainability and 85% of them have become ‘greener’ in their purchasing. Companies must act now to avoid obsolescence in the future.”

Businesswire.com, 2021