Our Actions
Reduce, reuse, recycle, replenish.

Sustainability isn’t something new for us. Since 1995, the entire manufacturing process at EnviroPAK® has been all about doing what’s environmentally smart for our planet and our clients.

Zero is the perfect number.

There’s a perfect balance between the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) produced and how much is removed from the atmosphere. It’s called Net Zero. EnvironPAK® has implemented many emission reduction and removal solutions in our long-term effort to achieve this goal. The positive changes we’ve put into place are ways in which we hope to do our part to reverse climate change. We can’t think of a more perfect result.

Solar Energy

EnviroPAK® continues to explore the clean, 100% renewable energy source through solar as a future way we can help reduce carbon emissions and global warming. We can all breathe easier with this in mind.

Water Capture

During our heating-to-drying process in manufacturing, we capture evaporation that’s produced from steam and utilize it for various applications at our facility.

E-Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

EnviroPAK® encourages the use of electric vehicles by employees through our on-site EV stations. It reduces petroleum consumption and produces zero tailpipe emissions. That’s fuel for thought.

Electric Utility Provider: Demand Response

Reducing energy use during high-demand hours is one way we’re lowered stress on the electric grid. It makes energy more cost-effective for everyone and helps conserve our natural resources.

Doing good.

The positive actions of EnviroPAK®.

Giving Back

EnviroPAK® continually searches out new ways of giving back so we can better preserve, restore and manage all our critical environmental landscapes.

Responsible Manufacturing

The “Think positive” culture at EnviroPAK® is all about being eco-conscious. It begins through the use of 100% biodegradable molded fiber for the paperization of all our custom packaging solutions.