Designed for good.

The positive possibilities of molded fiber.

For over twenty years, we’ve helped designers meet their exact aesthetic, functional and protection requirements for custom packaging. These are proven solutions utilizing molded fiber from 100% recycled paper. The packaging is 100% biodegradable, but the positive brand impact lasts forever. At EnviroPAK®, we’re about your profit sustainability. And environmental sustainability.

Sustainable Packaging Solution
We value your business. And the environment.

What’s good for business is also good for the planet. Molded fiber packaging is the best of both worlds since it protects your products and it’s environmentally friendly. And that protects your brand image.

Custom Packaging Solutions
No folds. But the benefit is twofold.

Whatever you make, our molded fiber custom packaging meets your exact aesthetic, functional, and protection requirements and can reduce your labor costs by up to 70%. It also offers the sustainability benefit that your brand and the environment profits from, too.

Case Studies
The positive possibilities of molded fiber.

Since 1995, we’ve been packaging up success in almost every industry. From exacting specs and product protection to sustainability, our molded fiber custom packing has had so many positive outcomes.