Making right, consuming right, and doing right.

Consumers worldwide are choosing brands that embrace environmental sustainability. Leading consumer brands are also embracing this positive change. Doing right is why EnviroPAK® molded fiber packaging is in such high demand. Especially since we engineer the right custom packaging solution to meet your exact design requirements, and sustainability mission.

Our Purpose
EnviroPAK®: Environmentally friendly packaging is in our name.

Our company history at EnviroPAK® began just as the momentum for sustainable custom packaging started. Today, we’re setting the pace with where environmentally friendly packaging is heading. We are constantly evolving our innovative custom packing solutions using molded fiber.

Leading the way toward positive change.

When your product requires a custom packaging solution that offers superior protection and meets sustainability requirements, the EnviroPAK® leadership team has the know-how to help. With our engineering expertise, industry experience, and proven packaging success, we can turn your vision into a viable solution.

Team, Facility, Location
What goes into our packaging is a lot more than your product.

From nationally recognized packaging engineers and our valued distributor network to a centrally located facility in the U.S. equipped with the most modern capabilities in manufacturing, EnviroPAK® is built to produce your custom packing success.

Learn why molded fiber is the right answer for your packaging needs.

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