Founded in 1995, EnviroPAK’s mission is to provide sustainable molded pulp packaging solutions to businesses that are cost-efficient, space-saving and environmentally friendly. Its central U.S. location allows EnviroPAK to produce protective molded pulp packaging for electronics, computer, food and beverage, service, medical and telecommunication markets.

EnviroPAK’s award-winning in-house design team has been recognized for their packaging including an Institute of Packaging Professionals AmeriStar Gold Award and a Technology and Innovation Award from the St. Louis Economic Council. Operating out of a facility with a total of 87,000 sq. feet, EnviroPAK offers the highest quality molded pulp products aimed at delivering world class sustainable packaging solutions for some of America’s top companies through its valued distributors’ network.


EnviroPAK celebrating 25 years of sustainable packaging

EnviroPAK is proud to announce our 25th anniversary! From humble beginnings, we have thrived and become the leader in molded pulp.

“What began as a technology for egg cartons at the turn of the last century has evolved into a packaging solution for so much more. We definitely weren’t first to the concept of molded pulp, but we were one of the first companies to take the idea to the next level. EnviroPAK serves a number of major corporations in a variety of industries,” said Chris Miget, President, EnviroPAK.

Bryon Crump, Vice President, also notes that the company’s footprint on recycling is staggering. “It’s gratifying to have transformed around 50,000 tons of recycled newspaper into packaging. This has not only earned our customers huge accolades for sustainability but also huge cost savings and reduced damage rates. It’s a powerful combination for our end users.”

We would like to thank our employees, customers, family and friends for all the support during these 25 years. A special thank you to more than 15 employees with over a decade of service! We look forward to continuing to innovate and serve our current and future clients for the next 25.