Custom Packaging Solutions
No folds. But the benefit is twofold.

Custom molded fiber packaging from EnviroPAK® meets your aesthetic, functional, and protection requirements. It’s lightweight, stacks tight, and requires no folding – all reducing labor, storage, and shipping costs by up to 70%. It also offers the sustainability that the environment profits from, too.

Sustainable, economical packaging protects your product, and bottom line.

There are plenty of positives to consider with molded fiber packaging from EnviroPAK®. It regularly outperforms EPS/HIPS for safeguarding even the most fragile products from the factory to the final shipping destination. Plus, as consumers become “greener”, molded fiber is an environmentally-friendly alternative that drives their purchasing choices. The outcomes are nothing but positive for your sales, brand image, and the planet.

Custom Packaging
Every product is unique, so should the packaging.

Molded fiber can be designed, engineered, and manufactured into the most unique custom packaging shapes. With limitless application possibilities, EnviroPAK can even design a solution to fit multiple product configurations inside a single package. The material is also resilient enough to incorporate a hinge/locking tab.

Automation positives include the fact that there’s no required assembly or folding (unlike complicated die-cut corrugate). Eliminating these extra steps can help lower labor costs, employee carpal tunnel health issues, OSHA claims and insurance rate increases. It even stacks tight to reduce shipping and warehousing costs – a benefit unique to molded fiber packaging from EnviroPAK.

Example molded fiber applications:
Faucets, delicate medical devices, cosmetics, inserts, electronics, print cartridges, nursery containers, and glass products such as wine bottles

Hybrid Packaging
Let’s work together.

Your packaging may require a material such as rigid paperboard for a premium brand presentation. But add in EnviroPAK® molded fiber for the right environmental and protection requirements, and you now have a hybrid package solution that both safeguards and presents the quality brand image customers expect. It’s a best of best of both worlds combination with the added customer appeal of being sustainable for an uncompromised brand image.

Create an aesthetically pleasing look that makes consumers think positive about your brand.
Premium Finish

Using our premium finish technology, we can create a superior finish on all sides of your packaging. By reforming standard parts, we’re able to produce much smoother edges and surfaces that have a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Standard Finish

While we call it a standard finish, it has superior appeal for consumers who expect your brand to embrace sustainability and the environment. Plus, you get the protection characteristics and unlimited design configuration possibilities of molded fiber packaging. There are just so many positive benefits to think about.

Designed for good.

The positive possibilities of molded fiber.

Sustainable Packaging Solution

Why do we believe in protecting your products with molded fiber created from 100% recycled paper? Because we value your business success as much as we do the environment.

Case Studies

We’ve been packaging up success in almost every industry. From exacting specs and product protection to sustainability, our molded fiber custom packaging has had so many positive outcomes.