Our Capabilities
What do we do best? Everything.

From custom packaging design and engineering to robust manufacturing capabilities, EnviroPAK® can always meet your exact spec requirements and quantities.

Custom packaging design to meet every unique need.

The EnviroPAK® in-house design team has the real world know how to develop molded fiber packaging solutions that protect and organize you products. Using SolidWorks 3D CAD software, these innovative engineering and design solutions meet your exact customization requirements.

Our team can even take your existing designs in the development process to produce prototypes and production parts to protect your products so they ship and arrive to their destination undamaged. And that protects your brand image.

Robust manufacturing capabilities

EnviroPAK® meets your production capacity through multiple molding lines and redundant manufacturing facilities. This means we’re capable of producing hundreds of thousands of parts to quantities in the millions. And if you need your packaging fast, no problem. We have the fastest state-of-the-art molded fiber machines in the industry. See for yourself by scheduling a visit to our facility.

Tooling for life. No added cost for your success.

Our engineering is so precise we guarantee your “Tool for Life.” Buy it once, use it forever means you save thousands of dollars over the life of your product. It all happens within our in-house tooling center where our skilled craftsmen also generate production molds using their expertise aided by SolidWorks 3D software, CNC technology, and SolidCAM.

Prototypes. Getting it right for real-world use.

We understand you need your packaging fast. We meet that demand by quickly producing prototypes by using a temporary or degradable mold. From there we run it on our production line to ensure an accurate representation of how the part will behave in use.

Prototypes are also put through shock and vibration testing to verify package design integrity. This process results in a production part ready for a real-world application.

Engineered for good.

The positive benefits of molded fiber.

Molded Fiber Benefits

Protection, cost savings, storage efficiency, no required folding, and sustainability are just some of the many positive reasons why molded fiber is an ideal packaging solution.

Molded Fiber vs. Alternatives

When you compare molded fiber to materials such as plastic and polystyrene (EPS/HIPS), there is no comparison. It’s better for your employees, the environment, your brand, and your bottom line.