Molded Fiber vs. Alternatives
Compare the benefits of molded fiber against the alternatives.

When you compare molded fiber to materials such as plastic and polystyrene (EPS/HIPS), there is no comparison. It’s better for your employees, the environment, your brand, and your bottom line.

Molded Fiber vs. EPS

The benefits of using molded fiber for packaging far outweigh the properties of resin based EPS. Period. For example, molded fiber is a 100% biodegradable solution that is an environmentally sound solution. It’s also unaffected by temperature or static electricity and nests within itself to save valuable storage and shipping space. Add to this the geometric options molded fiber allows packaging engineers and designers to create for superior vibration protection. Now your products get into the hands of customers quicker, cheaper and free of costly damage.

Molded Fiber vs. Die-Cut Corrugated

The negatives of die-cut corrugated for packing include complicated designs, higher labor and material costs, performance breakdown due to humidity as well as required packaging folding that can lead to employee carpal tunnel (and costly insurance claims). When you think about the fact that molded pulp packaging has none of these challenges, it’s a real positive. Molded fiber also offers superior protection and cushioning characteristics against vibration damage caused during shipping or by dropping. These are all cost savings that turn into increased profit.

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The positive benefits of molded fiber.
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The positive benefits of molded fiber.

Molded Fiber Benefits

Protection, cost savings, storage efficiency, no required folding, and sustainability are just some of the many positive reasons why molded fiber is an ideal packaging solution.

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