Molded Fiber Benefits
Turn to molded fiber. It’s a positive change.

Protection, cost savings, storage efficiency, no required folding, and sustainability are just some of the many positive reasons why molded fiber is an ideal packing solution.

Here are some of the positive benefits molded fiber has to offer:

Keeping products intact by breaking the rules.

Delivering products in one piece to the end user is the ultimate requirement for any packaging solution. This is what we do best by designing differently. From electronics to beverages, EnviroPAK designs, engineers, and manufactures molded fiber packaging that provides the ultimate protective barrier and cushioning for even the most fragile products. Your custom designed production prototype is put through real world shock and vibration testing. The results validate that the design meets our standards and those of UPS, FEDEX, Amazon, and ISTA. It’s something to think about when you demand positive outcomes for your packaging solution.


We value your business success as much as we do the environment.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging. In the minds of today’s consumers, this is what they are thinking about and are aligning their purchases with like minded brands. For over twenty (or almost thirty) years, we have helped designers meet their exact aesthetic, functional and protection requirements for custom packaging. For just as long these proven solutions have utilized molded fiber from 100% recycled paper. The packaging is completely biodegradable, but the positive brand impact lasts forever. At EnviroPAK, we’re about your profit sustainability and environmental sustainability.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs. Increase profits. Lower stress.

Your bottom line, and the environment, profit from EnviroPAK molded fiber packaging. Our molded fiber solution can reduce costs by as much as 70% compared to other packaging materials. It’s lightweight, stacks tight and requires no folding so it reduces shipping, warehousing, packing labor costs and overuse injuries since there’s nothing to fold. You even get the advantage of “tooling for life”, so as your production quantities increase there’s no added cost for your success. Then there’s the sustainability of our molded fiber packaging that’s made from 100% recycled paper. And we believe our entire planet profits from this kind of material.

Space Savings

Molded fiber packaging. The perfect fit.

It’s called nesting. This is where EnviroPAK custom designed packaging reduces warehouse storage requirements and is ready from the moment it comes off our line for product insertion (no folding required and that’s a positive difference when it comes to worker safety and carpal tunnel injuries). What it saves is warehouse and factory space. What it also saves is fueling costs. Especially since you can ship more products with every truckload. No matter what type of packaging solution we engineer, it will fit perfectly with your improved profitability.


Zero tolerance for mistakes.

One benefit of molded fiber is how it aligns with your corporate sustainability mission. The other positive is that from design to prototype to final packaging, EnviroPAK engineers solutions to meet your exact dimensional tolerances by +/- 3/16” for standard finish and +/- 1/16” for premium finish. It’s the perfect reason why turning to EnviroPAK is such a smart choice for you next packing project.


A packaging solution that protects your products, and employees.

Our molded fiber packaging is ready for your product the minute it arrives at the packing facility. Simply place your product inside. What’s removed are repetitive hand folding assembly requirements of corrugate packaging and the carpal tunnel injuries associated with this motion during assembly. Lowering the potential for this occupational hazard is what you want, your employees want, and what OSHA and insurance providers demand. OSHA estimates each Carpal Tunnel claim to be $30,930 (2023 data)

Time Savings

It’s about time to switch to molded fiber packaging.

Fact: Molded fiber packaging saves time at every step in the process. Expensive labor costs for assembly are eliminated. Shipments are less frequent so you save on transportation time. You issue fewer orders and invoices for a reduction in administrative time. Plus, EnviroPAK molded fiber packaging arrives ready to use at the point of packaging for a solution that works every time.

Tooling for Life

A guarantee that lasts forever.

At EnviroPAK, we provide “A Tool for Life” program for all our clients. Basically, you only pay one time for the tooling we make for your product packaging. It’s not a promise. It’s a guarantee. Even if your production quantities go up you never have to worry about added tooling costs. What that adds up to are thousands of dollars in savings over the life of your product.

Static Neutral

Safeguard electronics.

With molded fiber packaging you get the benefit of a static neutral material that’s ideal for protecting sensitive electronic components. Unlike other materials, molded fiber does not require treatment with anti-static agents to comply with electronic industry specs.

Engineered for good.

The positive benefits of molded fiber.

Our Capabilities

From custom packaging design and engineering to robust manufacturing capabilities, we can always meet your exact spec requirements and quantities.

Molded Fiber vs. Alternatives

When you compare molded fiber to materials such as plastic and polystyrene (EPS/HIPS), there is no comparison. It’s better for your employees, the environment, your brand, and your bottom line.