Sustainable Packaging Solution
Protecting products. Protecting brands.

Today’s consumers care about the environment more than ever. Sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging is what they think about and are aligning their purchases with like minded brands. Molded fiber packaging from EnviroPAK® makes it all possible.

Thinking positive also means doing positive.

Every year over 3,500 tons of recycled paper goes into manufacturing our molded fiber custom packaging. This creates opportunity for our customers, not methane in landfills. While some companies may stop there, we believe our environment demands more support. It’s evident in everything from our efforts to stop the illegal harvesting of wood utilized in manufacturing to helping eliminate toxins in packaging.


EnviroPAK® is European Green Dot Compliant, and follows EPA procurement guidelines for recycled materials. Plus, our packaging products are made from 100% recyclable molded paper which helps sustain our planet.

100% Biodegradable

Packaging created using molded fiber from EnviroPAK® has the ability to decompose rapidly. It’s here today, gone tomorrow for a healthier environment while reducing waste build-up in landfills.


Our molded fiber packaging can break down into natural elements in a compost environment. Why is that important for your company? Because it’s important for your customers and how they view your brand.

U.S. Lacey Act

Protecting trees is a movement that is growing. And we’re part of this effort since we adhere to U.S. Lacey Act standards that help eliminate the illegal harvesting of wood utilized in manufacturing.

Toxins in Packaging

We comply with laws to reduce harmful toxins in packaging. We do this for so many positive reasons since we’re part of the solution to ensure an environment that’s safer for everyone.

ISO 14000 Standards

By conforming to ISO 14000 Standards we can effectively manage our environmental responsibilities. We live by it because our environment lives by it.

Designed for good.

The positive possibilities of molded fiber.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Our molded fiber custom packaging meets your exact aesthetic, functional, protection and cost requirements. Plus, it offers the sustainability that the environment profits from, too.

Case Studies

We’ve been packaging up success in almost every industry. From exacting specs and product protection to sustainability, our molded fiber custom packing has had so many positive outcomes.