Doing good.

The positive actions of EnviroPAK®.

EnviroPAK® is committed to sustainability efforts beyond manufacturing custom packaging using molded fiber. It’s evident in our community service efforts to preserve urban parks and in energy reduction for manufacturing using solar power and rainwater capture. This is where our manufacturing life-cycle is heading. And we think it’s the right direction.

Responsible Manufacturing
The positives of responsible manufacturing.

The “Think Positive” culture at EnviroPAK® is all about being eco-conscious. It begins through the use of 100% biodegradable molded fiber for the paperization of all our packaging solutions.

Our Actions
Reduce, reuse, recycle, replenish.

Sustainability isn’t something new for us. Since 1995, our entire manufacturing process has been all about doing what’s environmentally smart for our planet and our clients.

Giving Back
Grow it forward.

EnviroPAK® continually searches out new ways of giving back so we can better preserve, restore, and manage all our critical environmental landscapes.