Giving Back
Grow it forward.

EnviroPAK® continually searches out new ways of giving back so we can better preserve, restore, and manage all of our critical environmental landscapes. What we’re doing today can grow into something even better for future generations.

Sustainability. It leaves a lasting impression.

All too often the sustainability efforts of companies solely focus on reducing their environmental impact. What nature provides they reuse and recycle. That’s good, but we believe in doing better to maintain our natural resources through regeneration. What we’re doing today to achieve this goal is only the beginning as we search for new ways to make a positive and lasting impression on our planet.

Forest Park Forever

EnviroPAK® supports Forest Park Forever® and all the good this organization accomplishes. One of the largest urban parks in America, their mission is to sustain this historic green space located in the heart of St. Louis city. With our support, the park’s native old-growth forest habitat, restored forests and woodlands can be enjoyed by the entire community.

Discover more about why helping an organization that protects, preserves, and restores biodiversity is so vital for a healthier planet:

Doing good.

The positive actions of EnviroPAK®.

Responsible Manufacturing

The “Think positive” culture at EnviroPAK® is all about being eco-conscious. It begins through the use of 100% biodegradable molded fiber for the paperization of all our packaging solutions.

Our Actions

Sustainability isn’t something new for us. Since 1995, our entire manufacturing process has been all about doing what’s environmentally smart for our planet and our clients.