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HUMMINBIRD® by Johnson Outdoors®
The lure of a positive brand impact for a fish finding product.

As a leader in fish finder technology, Johnson Outdoors required a more appealing brand look for packaging their premium HUMMINBIRD® line that die-cut corrugate lacked. The solution was found in molded fiber.

“Sustainability, innovation, and a deep love of the outdoors infuses every product we make. And the brand experience, including HUMMINBIRD®, must embrace all these for our consumers.”

Johnson Outdoors
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Fish finder “mapping” technology

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Die-cut Corrugate


A beautiful product needed packaging that looked just as nice.

HUMMINBIRD® by Johnson Outdoors® is known for their premium fish finder technology products. But when they came to EnviroPAK®, they were looking for something else. A packaging solution to replace the unappealing brand look of die-cut corrugate. In addition, it had to be easier to pack out compared to corrugate as well as enhance their “positive impact on the environment” mission.


Brand image. It’s everything.

When the EnviroPAK® engineers first saw the premium HUMMINBIRD® fish finder, they were amazed at the gorgeous design. They took this first impression and created the same brand appeal in the packaging using premium finish molded fiber. Compared to die-cut corrugate, the edges were smoother, the surfaces were more aesthetically pleasing, and no time consuming folding was required.

The fish finder packaging was also designed with a molded fiber tray that moved the unit to the top of the box for improved consumer presentation. With so many positives, HUMMINBIRD had EnviroPAK convert four more product lines to molded fiber packaging – a sustainable material that aligned perfectly with their “Clean Earth Challenge” for keeping nature litter-free.