Prioritizing Sustainability in a Recession is Good for Business and the Planet

During the great recession, sustainable brand and product lines tended to be the most successful. Let EnviroPAK help.


How Will Inflation Affect Packaging Material Costs in 2022

A new report provides the 12-month inflation outlook in North America for packaging materials, including plastic, paper, glass, and aluminum.

Inflationary pressure on packaging materials will continue to rise in 2022 leading to double-digit price increases, with food packaging being a major contributor.


Plastic Recycling Doesn’t Work and Will Never Work

The problem with recycling plastic lies not with the concept or process but with the material itself. Another issue is that the reprocessing of plastic waste. Plastic recycling is simply not economical. Recycled plastic costs more than new plastic because collecting, sorting, transporting, and reprocessing plastic waste is exorbitantly expensive.

Consumers can put pressure on companies to stop filling store shelves with single-use plastics by not buying them and instead choosing reusables and products in better packaging. And we should all keep recycling our paper, boxes, cans, and glass, because that actually works.


Recycling All Year Long

While you are recycling your cardboard boxes do not accidentally toss out other recyclables, like the tube of that roll of wrapping paper or molded pulp packaging. Recycling facilities accept these along with cardboard.