Eco Friendly Holiday Ideas

With the holidays around the corner, it is time to start thinking about sustainable ideas! Here are easy ways to make your holidays more eco-friendly:

  • Wrap gifts in repurposed packaging. Unused maps and paper bags work great as paper alternatives, and recycled comics are the perfect wrapping solution for kid-friendly gifts.
  • Repurpose used ribbons and bows. Keep all ribbons, bows, or gift bags that come your way. You will save a trip to the store, money and breathe new life into those gift-wrap accessories.
  • Send paperless holiday cards.
  • Avoid single-use dinnerware.
  • Buy energy-saving LED holiday lights.
  • Recycle your Christmas tree.
  • Handmake gifts. Homemade ornaments, picture frames, handmade soap or candles make great gifts.
  • Gift fun experiences instead of products.
  • Stuff stockings with yummy and healthy treats like dried fruit, nuts and homemade holiday cookies.
  • Give a gift that helps someone go greener. Think: reusable grocery bags, a pretty water bottle, stainless steel straws.


America Recycles Week

We are excited to celebrate America Recycles Week (November 14-21)! There are many reasons to recycle. Whatever your reason, thank you for making a positive difference for people and planet!

Here are seven wonderful benefits of recycling:

  1. Recycling becomes new things
  2. Recycling adds up
  3. Recycling is part of a thriving community
  4. Recycling protects natural resources and reduces waste
  5. Recycling helps reduce litter and keeps communities clean
  6. Recycling helps create a better planet for our children and future generations



McDonald’s phasing out plastic Happy Meal toys

McDonald’s is phasing out plastic toys in the 1 billion Happy Meals it serves each year.
​​Plastic will be replaced with sustainable materials like paper and bio-based materials.


National Van Demand and Capacity

Check out this trend line – we’re at about 5 ½ loads needed per van available across the country.  Slightly better in MO and a few other states – but still higher than the peak of Covid shutdown time.

Moral of the story…get orders placed and transportation scheduled as soon as available. Thanks for the continued business!