Want to Save Money on Packaging? Try These Eco-friendly Solutions

In recent years, many well-known companies have undertaken corporate sustainability programs to decrease material waste and increase eco-friendly packaging.


Matchbox is going green!

Matchbox cars are taking a page from the green manuals of real automakers and is going green. Matchbox says it is moving to use either recycled or recyclable materials in its toys and packaging by 2030.


Customers Hate Plastic Packaging, So Why Do Companies Keep Using It?

Packaging items in plastic is often the cheapest option for brands, but it’s not what customers want.


Your recycling is not always being recycled—here’s why

Recycling is not always easy…paper is significantly recovered due to high value for reuse.

EnviroPAK’s molded fiber is made from 100% recycled paper and yields a product that can easily be recycled in most recycling streams…where paper is significantly recovered due to due high value for reuse.