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Industry Publication feature EnviroPAK Team Members

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It was a busy fourth quarter at EnviroPAK as we have had our team members’ insights published in several industry trade publications. Facility Management Journal published an article written by our VP Bryon Crump on current trends in the sustainable packaging industry. In the piece, Bryon discusses how consumer attitudes have evolved in the past few years, and how companies have been making adjustments to meet increased demand for sustainability. Read Bryon’s full article HERE.

Industry Magazine Sits Down with EnviroPAK VP

The Packaging of a Product Reflects the Values of Company

Modern Materials Handling recently sat down with our VP Bryon Crump to discuss the buzz of molded pulp as we move into 2016. Bryon made the point that consumers are making judgements about a manufacturer based on how environmentally friendly their products are.


A product’s packaging is the first thing the consumer sees and when it reflects the values of the company, they can make an easier buying decision. Bryon goes on to elaborate about how manufacturing is returning to the United States, and there’s been a push to reduce shipping costs by sourcing from domestic producers of materials such as molded pulp packaging.

To read Bryon’s full interview, please go HERE.

EnviroPAK’s VP to Give Keynote on Sustainability

Saint Louis University and Ameren Team Up for Speaker’s Series

Ameren Corporation and Saint Louis University’s John Cook School of Business announce the annual “Ameren Sustainable Business Speaker Series” will continue on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the John and Lucy Cook Hall on Saint Louis University’s campus. This year, EnviroPAK’s Bryon Crump will give the keynote address about the history and trends of sustainability in packaging design.

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The Ameren Sustainable Business Speaker Series is a joint effort by the Ameren Corporation and John Cook School of Business to educate the community about the importance and future of sustainability in business. The annual program is a highlight of both parties’ efforts to educate current and future business leaders about the ethical responsibility of businesses to conduct their operations in a manner that most benefits the common good. All readers of the PULPit are invited to attend. If you would like more information or wish to to RSVP with EnviroPAK, please email Nikki here.

Corrugated + Pulp = Sustainable Solution

Article Highlights Partnership Between Pulp and Corrugated
October 20, 2015

In this month’s issue of Corrugated Today, EnviroPAK’s Bryon Crump outlines a case study about a U.S. partnership between a corrugated packaging supplier and a high-profile telecommunications company and how EnviroPAK provided the molded pulp tray to deliver the perfect sustainable packaging solutions. Everyone wins, especially the end-user.To read more and view of PDF of the article, please go HERE.