According Sustainability – Beyond Business as Usual report. Among consumers 18-49:
79% agree recycling paper-based products is worthwhile 69% agree recycling is environmentally friendly 61% agree recycling is worth the cost to tax payers.
Recycling rates would improve if consumers had simple and clear instructions for how to recycle different common categories of products, especially for coffee cups.

Not only are the cups sourced from sustainable paper and trees, coffee cups are recyclable in many markets
and the paper is used to make the cup and that the paper is sourced both from replaceable trees and potentially recycled tree fibers.

Paper is a renewable material, and when you use it you are part of its circular economy, a sustainable life cycle that is thoughtful both about where fiber comes from, and where it ends up.

Drinking your coffee in a paper cup means you can still be part of an achievable, sustainable lifestyle.

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EnviroPAK’s molded pulp is 100% curbside recyclable. When considering your next packaging project, be sure to include molded fiber packaging.

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