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February 12th, 2014

EnviroPAK Announces New Logo / New Web Site

A Brand Refresh for 2014 was a Key Priority for VP Bryon Crump
EnviroPAK VP Bryon Crump has already checked off a big item on his 2014 to do list as EnviroPAK launched its new web site in early January.

“It’s been on our minds for a while,” said Crump. “Our goal was to create a fresh logo and new brand identity which would reflect our core product.” That work quickly developed into a complete overhaul of the new web site. Rather than tinker with the old one, EnviroPAK started from scratch. The new site focuses on showcasing the actual cost-saving applications for molded pulp and highlights the amazing work of the internal design team lead by Bill Kearns. The site also offers visitors current examples of the most innovative and creative ways customers have been using molded pulp as a packaging solution.

The new site also took into account the mobile nature of its customers and is completely compatible with devices on the go. Crump added, “We understand that most of our customers and distributor partners are on the move during a good portion of their day. The ability to communicate with these individuals is crucial, and by making our site mobile friendly, we’re able to provide these people with everything they need on their tablets and phones.” Be sure to visit the new and let Bryon know what you think.

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