Company Leaders Reflect on Pulp’s Impact Over 20 Years

Milestones are always a good time for reflection, the PULPit sat down with the EnviroPAK leadership team to discuss the early days and humble beginnings and how the company has evolved over the last 20 years into the Leader in Molded Pulp helping some of America’s biggest companies fulfill their sustainable packaging needs.

“What began as a technology for egg cartons at the turn of the last century has evolved into a packaging solution for so much more, we definitely weren’t first to the concept of molded pulp, but we were one of the first companies to take the idea to the next level. Together with our distributor partners, EnviroPAK serves a number of major corporations in a variety of industries,” said Chris Miget, President, EnviroPAK.

Bryon Crump, Vice President, says when you add up the impact of the company’s footprint on recycling, you reach a staggering number. “It’s gratifying to have transformed nearly 100,000 tons of recycled newspaper into packaging that not only have earned our customers huge accolades for sustainability, but huge cost savings and reduced damage rates. It’s an powerful combination for our end users.”

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