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August 18th, 2015

EnviroPAK's Brauss Published on Lean Principles

The Article was Inspired by the Successful Lean Initiatives
August 18, 2015

Mike Brauss, Manager of Operations, was recently published in Manufacturing Automation with an informative article discussing Lean practices. The article was inspired by the successful Lean initiatives that Mike has implemented at EnviroPAK throughout the last year. The article discusses the need to eliminate process waste and the steps that an organization must take in order to successfully integrate a Lean culture into their operations.

Mike Brauss

It begins with conducting an analysis – taking a look at all of a company’s processes and creating a Value Stream Map. Mike goes on to discuss the seven types of waste: Correction, Overproduction, Motion, Material Movement, Waiting, Inventory and Over-processing. Finally, Mike discusses in detail the process of eliminating these wastes once they are uncovered. To read Mike’s full article, click HERE.

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