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June 17th, 2014

EnviroPAK's Focus on Sustainability featured on Radio and TV

Company President, Chris Miget, was very busy on Earth Day 2014, having appeared in print, radio and television before lunchtime. “Molded pulp was the real star,” Chris Miget, told the Pulpit. “It’s a blast sharing our story of how this 100 year old material is having a huge resurgence and popularity in the marketplace. Sustainability in packaging is so big right now, EnviroPAK’s sales forecasts continue to rise as more and more companies are transitioning away from plastic, resin, and polystyrene (EPS).


Miget was featured on television in St. Louis on the morning news program on KTVI-TV (view here), KMOX Radio (listen here) and the St. Louis Business Journal (read here).


Molded pulp had quite a day in the spotlight and continues to perform for companies all over the U.S. for their go-to sustainable package solution.

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