In-House Design Team Improves Turnaround to 2 Weeks or Less

EnviroPAK concept imageThe in-house design department at EnviroPAK is where a customer’s vision becomes reality. The design team at EnviroPAK has a lot of direct customer interaction. The team fields questions such as, “how many parts can we fit?”, “how well can we protect these expensive components?”, and “how can we organize the packaging pulp to help streamline my manufacturing line.”

“Generally, our response is Yes! to most every question,” said Bill Kearns, who leads the in-house design team. We enjoy the vision of our customers and we operates with a can-do attitude.

EnviroPAK prototype imageThis became even more of a reality in the last year as 3D CAD and CAM modeling software were brought under the same platform, taking a nod from some of the other lean manufacturing principles being implemented around the plant. “This really takes our software capability to a new level,” said Kearns. “Full lean manufacturing principles have allowed us the ability to deliver prototypes in two weeks or less.”

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