Internet of Things is a Tremendous Opportunity for Molded Pulp

The Internet of Things (IoT) is projected to become a multi-trillion-dollar market by the year 2020 according to an article by Computer World. The number of businesses that are adopting the IoT technology is continuing to grow.

iotThe IoT refers to the idea of connecting any number of devices through the current internet infrastructure. This could be anything from your refrigerator to heart monitoring implants. As all of these devices become interconnected, automation will be implemented into virtually all industries. Additionally, IoT involves hardware, including small devices and wireless networking. But the most prominent hardware will be the sensors that will be required for the IoT to extract data from objects and the environment. All of this new hardware will need packaging, and molded pulp is perfect. It will cut down on costs for the manufacturers and be the environmentally conscious decision as we move into a “greener” society.

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