Company Announces End of Expanded Polystyrene Packaging

We always love to hear stories like this! It was reported last month that IKEA is replacing the EPS foam packaging they have been using with fiber-based packaging for its flat packs. The company is making the change due to the recyclability and sustainability qualities of molded pulp. Interestingly enough, before the change, IKEA’s volume of EPS packaging equaled half the volume of the Empire State Building!

Logo property of IKEA.

Logo property of IKEA.

IKEA released a statement that they hope this will change packaging solutions throughout the home furnishing industry. This is our hope across many of the industries for which we provide sustainable molded pulp packaging. As more corporations make this sustainable change, the more others will feel pressured to do so as well. Consumers are demanding sustainability, and we’re proud to answer the call. Congratulations to IKEA!

Read the company’s announcement  HERE.

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