New Manager of Operations is Improving Production Lead Times

EnviroPAK's new Manager of Operations - Mike Brauss

Mike Brauss

Mike Brauss isn’t exactly the newest employee at EnviroPAK, but having joined the team in early 2014, he’s enjoying some big successes which have come quickly in his term. Joining EnviroPAK as Manager of Operations, Mike’s expertise in implementing the core principles of lean manufacturing has paid off quickly for customers seeking faster ways to bring their products to market.

“Our production lead times have been cut to 2 weeks, which we know will make our customers very happy,” said Chris Miget, President. ”

We’re constantly listening for ways to improve, and the proven techniques of lean manufacturing helped make this happen.”

Brauss has more than a decade of experience in improving manufacturing processes. His most recent experience was serving as Continuous Improvement Manager at Mark Andy, a major printing press manufacturing company. Brauss is a graduate of the University of Missouri where he holds a degree in Business Administration.

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