Quality, Ethics, and Overall Value are Just Some of the Reasons

The importance of products branded “Made in the USA” is making a strong comeback. Industrial buyers are placing added value on the validity of this statement. It’s always been desired, but up until recently it didn’t make financial sense for buyers to pursue.

Made in U.S.A.However, recent trends point to “Made in the USA” once again being top of mind. There are several specific reasons that can be attributed to this. First and foremost is that it has value. By sourcing products in the United States, buyers can save on overall costs. Both turnaround times and shipping costs are reduced which leads to better value.

Secondly, bringing the manufacturing back to the U.S. helps our economy. By creating jobs and growing domestic revenue, the economic health of the country improves. Another reason is the assurance of quality. Buyers know they’re getting a better product from the United States than what is produced from mass production overseas. There are also ethical concerns about buying overseas with some of the horrid conditions in factories not located in the USA. Finally, buyers understand that goods are simply more desirable when they have “Made in the USA” attached to them.

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