According to Sustainable Packaging Alliance, packaging should meet the following four sustainability principles:
Effective – Provides social and economic benefits.
Efficient – Provides benefits by using materials, energy and water as efficiently as possible.
Cyclic – It will be recoverable through industrial or natural systems.
Safe – It is non-polluting and non-toxic.

EnviroPAK recycles

EnviroPAK’s Molded Pulp Packaging and our company’s commitment to sustainability:

  • Biodegradable – completely disintegrates, contrasting with EPS and other foams that remain for hundreds of years.
  • 100% Recycled – made from recycled newsprint, saving both energy and resources.
  • Fully Recyclable – in either curbside collection or back to source for re-use.
  • European Green Dot Compliant – broadens your market to European customers.
  • Conforms To ISO 14000 Standards – appealing to strict requirements of ISO-compliant purchasers.
  • Uses Renewable Resources – newsprint is a renewable raw material unlike EPS and plastic resins, which are petroleum based.
  • Compostable – appeals to the broadest spectrum of consumers.