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January 5th, 2016

Motto: Be Prepared for the Packaging Revolution

Where else would Boy Scouts pursue the badge for Pulp & Paper?

From time to time, folks at EnviroPAK have an opportunity to educate youth in the local community who stop by for a plant tour. There’s certainly a lot to see: the recycling of 20 tons of newspaper per day, the interesting process of manufacturing molded pulp from a slurry of wet paper, and the reward of viewing the many creative ways companies are using pulp in their packaging designs.

The coveted Pulp and Paper Merit Badge

The coveted Pulp and Paper Merit Badge

Last month, EnviroPAK hosted members of Boy Scout Troop 873, who were pursuing their Pulp and Paper Merit Badge. The purpose behind the badge is for scouts to learn the history of pulp and paper, how it is manufactured, where it comes from and how to identify pulp and paper products in their home. Also on the badge list is a requirement to visit a manufacturing plant like EnviroPAK so they could see the pulp being formed up close. It was a great experience for both the Boy Scout Troop and EnviroPAK!

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