Publication Says Consumers Want to Feel Good About Purchases 

Inbound Logistics recently published an article about the most common packaging mistakes to avoid, and listed among them is to specifically avoid neglecting sustainability. Consumers have demonstrated an interest in buying from companies that make them feel good about their purchases. Because of this, the packaging industry, including us here at EnviroPAK, has developed green alternatives to environmentally unfriendly materials like EPS and is seeking ways to ensure the recyclability of the packaging materials being used.

Logo property of Inbound Logistics

Logo property of Inbound Logistics

One of the main points we like to drive home about molded pulp is not only that it’s made completely from recycled newspaper, but that it is easy for the consumer to recycle it. It’s a paper product and can be recycled right along with the newspaper that it’s made from in most residential/curbside programs.

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