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February 17th, 2015

New York City Bans "Plastic Foam Containers"

It’s the Biggest City yet to Move Forward with Outright Ban

New York City announced Thursday that as of summer 2015, plastic foam containers (along with plastic foam cups, plates and the like) are going to be banned. “Readers familiar to the PULPit will know all about the term expanded polystyrene, which is really what’s being banned,” said Chris Miget, President of EnviroPAK. “We ran a story last year suggesting that this kind of legislation was becoming more and more prevalent.” The article also mentions that the sale of packing peanuts within the city limits will also be prohibited.

New York City estimates that it picked up 28,500 tons of this material in 2013. The city council passed the ordinance last year, but there won’t be any fines until the beginning of 2016. Until then, businesses will get warnings if they violate the law. Read the full article at the Washington Post or the New York Times.

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