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January 26th, 2016

Our Year in Sustainability ... the Numbers Are In!

Newspaper, Scrap and Aluminum Among Materials Recycled

We’ve had a busy year at EnviroPAK serving a variety of industries with our sustainable, molded pulp packaging. Not only do we provide our customers with sustainable packaging that they can easily recycle, we do a tremendous amount of recycling on our own. So just what kind of impact did EnviroPAK have on sustainability in 2015?

We are all very excited to announce that in 2015, EnviroPAK recycled 210 tons of newspaper that did not meet our strict quality standards as a raw material for our molded pulp packaging. Additionally, our tool shop recycled more than 3 tons of scrap, plastics and aluminum while fabricating new tools for customers. Our effort extended beyond our manufacturing process, recycling 5 tons of office material including paper, cans and bottles. This year we focused on throwing less in the dumpster headed to the landfill and more on closing the loop in every aspect of our process. All this amounts to 218 tons … or 168 cars (based on Google finding that the average car weighs 1.3 tons.)
One of our favorite elements to analyze at the end of the year is the amount of material, otherwise headed to a landfill, which we are able to repurpose as packaging. It always makes our team very proud of what we do.

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