Product packaging can make or break your reputation.

From design to testing to actual manufacturing and marketing, your company invests vast amounts of money and effort to provide the ideal product that consumers want to buy. Yes, a lot went into your product development. But what your product actually goes into when shipped to the store or customer is just as important.

The choice you make in packaging can literally make or break your reputation. Properly packaged, your product will arrive the way it left your manufacturing facility: in one piece. If it ships without the proper protection, it may arrive damaged, and that can do the same to your brand image.

At EnviroPAK, we view product shipment like going on a trip; we make sure everything is properly packed. Our molded pulp packaging solutions ensure that when you ship anything from a child’s toy to a sensitive medical device, it is secure, stable, and protected for safe travel to the final destination.

The right packaging protects the product, brand, environment, and bottom line.

The molded pulp package we design and manufacture serves a wide range of industries specializing in automotive, computers, electronics, medical (such as medical devices), telecom, beverages, CPG, health and beauty products, industrial and plumbing. They turn to us for a lot of smart reasons, including our ability to engineer the ideal packaging solution that is perfectly molded to the exact shape and size of your product.

What does this add? It’s more about what it eliminates, such as product damage since it’s form fitted to your product to tightly contain and eliminate all shifting and movement.

Just as essential to the design is the fact that the molded pulp packaging material we use has vibration and cushioning properties other shipping options lack. And while it stands up to the pounding of shipping across town or across the globe, it can withstand the beating of extreme temperatures and humidity. The result? Your product maintains its integrity and arrives undamaged.

Packaging with no assembly required. Now you can put employees to work doing other more productive and profitable tasks.

Typically, corrugated cardboard shipping options come to your facility flat and with die-cut folds. Often, a lot of folds. One of many problems associated with this material and packaging design is that this requires extensive labor hours for assembly as workers fold each container into the desired shape. A worker can spend their day (and a lot of your money) making thousands of folds. This repetitive motion is also taxing on the physical stamina of the employee and just as punishing on their joints, ligaments, and muscles.

As a manufacturer, you know these types of repetitive tasks are not good for your team. It can lead to harmful outcomes for the worker, such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome. This disabling injury harms the employee, and it hurts your bottom line. In fact, recent OSHA statistics indicate that, on average, a Carpal Tunnel workers’ comp claim costs $30,509 (this doesn’t take into account the increases in your health insurance and the issues of losing an employee and then having to hire a replacement).

With low-priced, readily available molded pulp packaging made of 100% recycled paper from EnviroPAK, you get a pre-molded shipping container that doesn’t require any assembly by a team of workers. The good news gets even better. You can reallocate that workforce to other jobs to help your company grow, without the need to hire more skilled and reliable workers.

Molded pulp packing helps remove repetitive use injuries as well as makes your financials a lot healthier.

Molded pulp packaging can be quickly designed and manufactured to your required specifications. Even the most complex specifications can be achieved using this material because it doesn’t require die changes since it’s molded into shape versus cut. That saves money that you can put into R&D, expansion, growth, and even employee benefits packages/incentives. Plus, the pulp packaging is made from 100% recycled paper, which is 100% good for the environment (ideal for meeting state and federal government regulations and sustainability requirements of many major retailers).

To learn more about how molded pulp packaging solutions from EnviroPAK can make a positive impact on product shipping, employee health, and your bottom line, please fill out this form or feel free to contact us at 314.739.1202.