Innovation Stage and Booth Traffic Says Molded Pulp is a Big Deal

EnviroPAK at Pack Expo 2014

Each member of the EnviroPAK team engaged with a visitor

The team from EnviroPAK was delighted to be such a big part of PACK EXPO 2014 earlier this month in Chicago. The amount of interest shown in molded pulp packaging solutions was truly amazing.

The EnviroPAK team enjoyed engaging packaging design experts from around the globe about the hottest industry trends. “Molded pulp was clearly a star in every conversation about sustainable package solutions,” said Bryon Crump, Vice President. “We knew there was a bubbling interest based on pre-show inquiries. There were a large number of people who said they were planning to visit our booth. We were not disappointed.” If you would like to reach out to a team member from the show, you may contact Chris Miget here, Bryon Crump here, and Scott Davis here.

EnviroPAK at Pack Expo 2014

Bryon Crump, VP, EnviroPAK, speaks to a full house on the PACK EXPO Innovation Stage

EnviroPAK enjoyed the opportunity to carry the message about the popularity of molded pulp in the packaging marketplace with a special presentation on the PACK EXPO Innovation Stage. In the company of HP and General Electric on adjoining stages, the subject of molded pulp was still able to gain a standing-room only crowd.

President Chris Miget said, “The stage presentation gave us a nice opportunity to visit with company leaders interested in learning about the history of molded pulp from the egg carton to the latest electronic device. It was great to serve as spokesmen for this sustainable material.”

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