IDC Lists Seven Essential Drivers for Manufacturers

In order for manufacturers to make effective short and long-term strategic decisions, seven essential drivers are key. Some are more impactful and have a larger inherent cost, but all are worth noting. Although these have been a topic of conversation for the last decade, we’re seeing more and more attention paid to these drivers.

predictions-2015These are the IDC Manufacturing Predictions for 2015:

1) Complex, dynamic value chains – This key driver includes the ongoing search for continuous business improvement and new opportunities

2) Emerging market growth – Strategies must be adjusted to support growth in emerging markets

3) Traceability and transparency – This goes back to reputation. It’s important to be transparent in order to protect the integrity of your brand

4) Demanding customers – Customers expect top-level service and business cycles must accommodate

5) Converging technologies – OT, IT and CT all must be aligned in order to deliver a quality product

6) Ubiquitous connectivity – From devices to processes, the communication infrastructure continues to evolve

7) Truth in data – Data is vital as manufacturers look for more valuable analysis

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