Think positive.
Think molded fiber.

Molded fiber custom packaging is a cost-efficient, time-saving, and space-saving solution. While it protects products and your bottom line, it’s also a sustainable material that is good for the environment as well as your brand image.

To make a positive impact with your custom packaging, think EnviroPAK.
Engineered for good.
The positive benefits of molded fiber.

From protection and cost savings to storage, see all the good things molded pulp packaging offers.

Designed for good.
The positive possibilities of molded fiber.

Molded fiber meets your functional, aesthetic, protection, and sustainability requirements.

Doing good.
The positive actions of EnviroPAK.

While molded fiber protects products, it feels good to know the environmental benefits, too.

Molded Fiber Benefits
Turn to molded fiber. It’s a positive change.

Protection, cost savings, storage efficiency, and sustainability are just some of the many positive reasons why molded fiber is an ideal custom packaging solution.

Sustainable Packaging Solution
The lasting benefits of sustainable packaging.

Why do we believe in protecting your products with molded fiber created from 100% recycled paper? Because we value your business success as much as we do the environment.

Case Studies
Packaging up success.

EnviroPAK® has a proven history of meeting the exact custom packaging needs and sustainability efforts of our customers. It has been that way since 1995. We’re ready to write our next success story and it could be yours.

Our positive actions.

Thinking positive also means doing positive. From using recycled paper products to our replenishing efforts in nature, we’re focused on responsible manufacturing to protect, restore, and manage critical landscapes.