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RIO Products
It had to function like a fly line spooler, but there’s one catch.

RIO provides anglers the fly lines to enjoy fishing in waters everywhere. They needed a product that functioned flawlessly, but also helped sustain these waters for future generations.

“Our business relies on waters that remain pristine for fly fishing, so we must be good stewards of these same waters.”

RIO Products
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Fly line spooler

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Leave no trace behind.

RIO Products consider themselves “fly fishing ambassadors” and offer the industry’s most comprehensive and technically advanced fly lines. They provide anglers products to enjoy fishing in streams, lakes, and oceans. The challenge was the spoolers that held the lines were Plastic-based and if dropped or lost in these pristine waters would not biodegrade. A more sustainable material solution was needed.


Here’s our fish story and it’s all true.

The objective for EviroPAK® was clear: create a fly line spooler for RIO that functioned flawlessly, but if it fell into the water it would literally “dissolve” and leave no trace. Prototypes were tested and retested until all function requirements were achieved. Even a unique spacing gap was created for color code identification of the fly line. And since the actual spooler was made out of molded fiber, it was 100% biodegradable. This innovative design was perfect for RIO, anglers, the environment and it won the 2023 AmeriStar sustainability packaging award.