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Taking a fresh look at oral care product packaging.

SmartMouth is a trusted oral care brand name for everything from rinsing and mints to toothpaste. What they needed to reach new markets was premium finish packaging for a starter set that created brand appeal and sales growth.

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Oral Rinse & Toothpaste Starter Set

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The packaging has to look as good as the product works.

Consumers turn to SmartMouth as their mouthwash brand of choice to eliminate bad breath, relieve dry mouth symptoms, and stop gingivitis. And while the company had brand loyalty, they needed brand growth through a new starter set that would be sent to influencers to increase sales. This meant that the packaging had to look as good as the product worked. And EnviroPAK® knew that molded fiber would deliver the results SmarthMouth required.


Molded fiber was the clean look this mouthwash brand needed.

EnviroPAK® had previously engineered a 2 bottle packaging solution for SmartMouth for direct-to-store shipments. It met functional and protection requirements, but this new packaging was being shipped directly to the homes of influencers. So, first brand impressions were essential to get this group to recommend the product to others. This is why EnviroPAK® utilized a premium finish molded fiber tray that had an out-of-the box “wow” factor. It also made a positive impression since it utilized environmentally friendly molded fiber.