Case Studies
Kaba Saflok
Opening new doors to cost savings.

With warehouse storage reduction, superior protection, and tray engineering to consolidate part SKUs, EnviroPAK® molded fiber packaging opened new doors to cost savings for this company.

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Door Handles & Locks

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Protecting the product. Securing new cost savings.

For Kaba, shipping their commercial line of door handles and locks to installers free of damage and scratches isn’t an option. It’s a must. While these products required protection, any new packaging had to be engineered to provide a wide range of efficiencies such as reduction of warehousing storage space as well as parts consolidation that they couldn’t get from die-cut corrugated material. Complex? Yes. But EnviroPAK would make it possible, and sustainable.


The positives of smart engineering.

When EnviroPAK engineers started problem solving the new packaging solution for Kaba, the results were all positive. First, the packaging met the protection requirements during shipping. The EnviroPAK team also configured the molded fiber packaging design to consolidate Kaba’s part SKUs while ensuring the packing could nest when being stored. This saved over 50% in warehouse space. That was good for Kaba’s bottom line and it was just as good for the environment since molded fiber was biodegradable and compostable. That’s smart thinking.