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Fast tracking a packaging solution for a quicker assembly process.

Ingenico credit card terminals deliver instant customer payment transactions. Discover how a molded fiber solution made the packaging assembly process almost as fast.

“Taking out assembly steps in packaging our credit card terminals helped remove a lot of other issues such as shipping delays and non complete packaging.”

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Credit Card Terminal

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Die-Cut Corrugate


Assembly time wasn’t on their side.

Ingenico credit card terminals handle payment transactions essential for businesses worldwide. Shipping these products on time, and without damage, isn’t optional with so much on the line. The challenge? The corrugate solution being used added a lot of packaging assembly time. In fact, it was taking too much time and costing too much money. That’s why they partnered with EnviroPAK® to achieve the positive outcomes only molded fiber delivered.


Think fast.

Ingenico was in search of packaging to speed up the assembly, delivery, and better protect their credit card terminals during shipping. What the EnviroPAK® engineers developed was a simplified two-piece molded fiber packaging solution that could be quickly pressed into place to secure the terminal (no folding required). This made assembly quicker, and repeatable. The custom packaging also included multiple designs for a variety of SKUs, which was perfect for Ingenico. It was just as good for the environment because the packaging material was 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable molded fiber.