Case Studies
One package. Fifty configurations.

As an industry leader in faucet design and delivery, MOEN® required a custom packaging solution that did more than protect the product. It had to be versatile enough to work with multiple product lines being produced in high volumes.

“We’re focused on customer responsiveness through supply chain capability and capacity so our products arrive on time and in perfect condition.”

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Multiple SKU Configurations

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Find a packaging solution to safely contain multiple product variations.

Part of the MOEN® strategic business initiative is to “improve customer responsiveness through speed, greater flexibility and higher predictability.” This same initiative also includes incorporating more effective and innovative business processes. Product packaging was one area where MOEN believed all these improvements could be made. This included a packaging design not just configured for shipping one product, but could be utilized for safely shipping multiple products.


Custom packaging that solves every application need. Making the impossible possible.

Simply put, the custom packaging MOEN® required was beyond complex. The engineers at EnviroPAK® looked at the custom packaging design as a puzzle that could be successfully put together every time using different faucet parts. The result was a cost effective solution configurable for 50 different parts that would ship safely since the packaging was tested to the breaking point for product protection. In addition to supply chain reliability, the sustainable custom molded fiber packaging aligned with MOEN’s “Path to Conservation.”