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Premier Candle
Meeting a tight shipment date for candle trays takes bright thinking.

Finding a reliable manufacturer to fulfill a six-week turnaround time for 100,000+ molded fiber candle trays seemed impossible. Not for EnviroPAK®.

“We had a buyer for our candles, but lacked molded fiber trays. A massive order like this usually takes months for a supplier to fulfill. EnviroPAK® got us what we needed in just weeks.”

Premier Candle
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Overcoming a supply and demand challenge.

Premier Candles is the premiere home fragrance partner for some of North America’s most recognized retailers. When one of these major retailers placed an order for 100,000 units that was great news. The not so great news? This order was required to be on store shelves within 6 short weeks. While the candles were already in inventory, their current supplier of molded fiber packaging trays could not meet the required quantities or timeframes.


A reliable supplier for large orders. A reliable supplier for tight timeframes.

EnviroPAK® was the bright side to a fulfillment challenge faced by Premier Candles. With a modern manufacturing facility covering 87,000 sq. feet, featuring multiple molding lines, EnviroPAK had the production capacity for 100,000 trays. Plus, because EnviroPAK repurposes 3,500 tons of recycled paper each year, supplying molded fiber wasn’t a problem. With a central location in St. Louis, Missouri, shipping was more economical and quicker to all points within the USA, Canada, and Mexico. For Premier Candles, EnviroPAK had everything in place to get the job done right and right on time.