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Schick® Edgewell Razors
The packaging transition was as smooth as the shave.

Due to upcoming Canadian regulations and customer demand, single-use plastic packaging was being phased out for this razor line. The cutting edge solution: Sustainable molded fiber.

“From the razor to the actual packaging it’s sold in, a positive brand impact is essential in everything that represents the Schick® name.”

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Thermoformed PET


Sustainable packaging was what regulations demanded, and customers were shopping for.

One of the major packaging challenges Schick® had to overcome was being in compliance with Canadian regulations that would soon ban single-use plastics. To get in front of this upcoming law, the company new they needed to start searching early for a a sustainable solution. But their eco-conscious customers were also demanding this change, too. Adding to the complexities were specific production requirements and large quantity demands. For every challenge EnviroPAK® could provide a solution.


Razor packaging that cuts out single-use plastic packaging.

With Schick® razors, consumers get a super close shave that leaves nothing behind but smooth skin. What was being left behind was single-use plastic packaging that would soon be banned under Canadian law. With a molded fiber packaging solution, EnviroPAK® was able to help Schick comply with environmental regulations. Other engineering positives included how the molded fiber packaging nested for shipping cost reductions and it worked better than the previous material for complex pick-and-pack automation. The brand image benefited as well since premium finish molded fiber is 100% biodegradable. And that’s what eco-conscious consumers want to pusrchase.