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Potter’s Crackers
100% organic crackers. 100% biodegradable packaging.

When you sell certified organic crackers, customers want the packaging to be just as healthy for the environment. Learn how molded fiber gave this product sustainable shelf appeal.

“Potter’s Crackers are made with the finest local organic ingredients Wisconsin offers – all sourced from sustainable farms with USDA NOP accredited organic certification.”

Potter’s Crackers
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The missing ingredient was sustainable packaging.

Potter’s Crackers are produced with locally sourced ingredients in Madison, Wisconsin. This product is certified organic by MOSA, a USDA accredited certification agency. What this naturally popular product lacked was secondary, environmentally-friendly packaging to contain the prepackaged crackers. The desired outcome was to create more brand appeal on the shelf to attract consumer purchase. For Potter’s Crackers, EnviroPAK® was the missing ingredient needed to solve this challenge.


Making a product stand out, and stand up on the shelf.

What the EnviroPAK® team designed for Potter’s Crackers was a molded fiber tray to contain the prepackaged organic crackers. Multiple prototypes as well as vibration and shock testing ensured that the sustainable tray protected the crackers during shipping. It was also engineered to exact tolerance requirements to slide perfectly into an existing chipboard sleeve and stand upright on the store shelf. This was all accomplished with one material: Molded fiber. Now Potter’s Crackers would get noticed by health conscious consumers who are just as concerned about the health of the environment. Food for thought when you’re considering a sustainable solution for your next custom packaging project.