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Proof that thermostat packaging can be cool.

This new, smart thermostat had the design and energy savings appeal customers desired for their home. All that was needed was packaging that provided the consumer with an exceptional out-of-the-box brand experience.

“What we created is a thermostat for homeowners that not only looks nice in any room, but lowers energy usage for a more sustainable smart home.”

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Smart Home Thermostat

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New Packaging Solution


Looks count. So does sustainability.

Resideo was ready to launch their new, premium thermostat that featured a very clean design. And while they already had exterior paper packaging, what they lacked was an interior tray to lift the product to top of a window opening for a positive out of the box buyer experience. Beyond solving a hybrid packaging challenge, the tray had to be sustainable to fit Resideo’s vision of “A world where homes are good for the plant.” Creating packaging designed for good is what EnviroPAK® does best.


A smarter idea for a smart home.

Since the Resideo thermostat tray had to create a positive buyer impact, EnviroPAK® engineers selected premium finish molded fiber. The material produced smooth, aesthetically pleasing edges and surfaces. Extensive prototyping resulted in a snap-fit for securing the thermostat while positioning it at the top of the window opening of the exterior paper packing. There was even ample space on the underside of the tray for an assembly plate and hardware. Using molded fiber also enhanced the brand appeal of this hybrid solution since it is 100% biodegradable. That’s a smart way to go for  smart home product packaging.